Introducing Monnify Payment Links

Over the past five years, businesses have integrated Monnify into their websites or mobile apps to receive payments. The businesses on our platform enjoy readily available customer support, flexible settlement options, amazing up-time, and integration support. All this has ensured that businesses concentrate on their core product and don’t need to worry about payments as we would handle that.   

While our product is API-heavy and requires integration, we thought about solo-preneurs, SMEs that might not have websites, freelancers, and event organizers. They are equally deserving of a secure way to collect payments, so we went to work. 

Hence today, we are introducing the Monnify Payment Links, which allow you, as an individual or business, to receive payment through a personalised link without needing a website, complex integration, or coding knowledge. 

Let’s help you better understand the Monnify Payment Link, who can use it, why you should use it, and how to do so.

A payment link is an easy way to receive payments from your customers online. The amazing thing about the payment link is that you do not need a website or coding knowledge to make complicated API integrations. 

You can create a straightforward and personalized link to send to your customers on any platform to make payments.

Here are some businesses that can benefit from the Monnify Payment link :

  • Event Organisers: You’ve got that anticipated event, and the tickets are up for sale. A payment link is perfect for selling tickets smoothly and avoiding hitches and customer complaints. By creating a personalized payment link with your desired details displayed, your customers can purchase tickets easily, and you create a stress-free experience for them and yourself.
  • Solopreneurs: The Monnify Payment link allows you to sell your goods and services directly to your customers. By clicking on your payment link, your customers get easy access to a smooth payment process while providing details beneficial to your business growth.
  • SMEs and Startup Businesses: Setting up an SME or a startup comes with its rigors without including a payment hitch to it. You can operate cost-effectively even without the complexities of a website and receive payments for your services and products from your customers.
  • Freelancers: The Monnify Payment link allows you to collect payments from your clients in a structured manner. 
  • Digital Creators: Focus more on your creative prowess, deliver top-notch work to your clients, and leave the smooth payment process to the efficiency of the Monnify Payment link.

A payment link offers numerous benefits, from great customer experience to custom data collection to better understand your customer. Here are some reasons you should use the Monnify Payment Link to collect payments:

  • No Code Required: Are you bothered by too much technical know-how? You can set up your Monnify Payment Link without any technical expertise.
  • No Integration Needed: You can easily use the payment link without special API integration efforts.
  • No Website Needed: If you own a small business or are still starting up and don’t have a standard website yet, your Payment link can serve as a standalone web presence. You can also link it to an existing site.
  • Collect additional customer information: Customer information allows you to understand your customers better and create better ways to address their needs. With the Monnify Payment link, you can create a customized payment link that collects necessary customer information like age, location, shoe size, etc.

1. Set up a Monnify Payment Link

  • Create your Payment Link from the Monnify merchant app or by going to  
  • You can set a fixed payment amount, allow users to enter a flexible amount, or offer multiple payment options.
  • You can also use the link as a form to collect additional customer data.

2. Share the Payment Link

  • Customise: You can easily tailor the payment link to make it easily identifiable.
  • You can also Copy, Share, or Embed: You can easily copy the link to share with customers via email, social media, or any other channel. You can embed the link for direct access if you have a website.

3. Manage Payments

  • Notifications: You can receive alerts via email or webhook for successful payments.
  • Dashboard: Access a comprehensive dashboard to view all your links, the details of transactions, and additional information collected from customers.
  • Data Export: Easily export data for record-keeping or analysis.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows you how to create a payment link.

Your business deserves the chance to scale, and one way to ensure that is through seamless payment processing. 

Enjoy business flexibility by going to the Monnify Payment Link, and create smooth payment experiences for your customers.  

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